Purchase a distance energy healing session by clicking HERE.

What are the distance energy healing sessions?
Prerecorded sessions that use the concentration of sound and focus to unblock and move energy restrictions and release blockages in your energy field. I use my intuition to guide me to follow the blockages and release the perceptions and emotional blockages that are common in almost every person. That is the reason I can record the energy sessions for a group, yet each individual person receives the benefit of the recording at the time it is accessed. You do the healing yourself by the raising of the energy vibration through the shifting perception and with the assistance of the vibration of the crystal bowls. I use my energy and intention to hold help shift the energy of the group.

How do the distance energy healing sessions work? 
These previously recorded sessions were created using my intuition, experience and spiritual guidance.  Prior to each recording, I spend time in meditation to determine what information most needs to come forth.  I access the vibration and information that is most useful for the development and expansion of the energy of those I work with.  I have been doing this on an individual basis in my practice for 20 years. This  recorded format makes it accessible to a broader group of people that could benefit from this kind of energy shift. 

How do I access the distance energy healing sessions? 
Please click HERE to purchase a distance healing session.  You will be directed to an online shopping cart.  Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with directions to download the recording (must be downloaded within 24 hours).

Where do I start?
It's best to start with session one, as each subsequent session builds on the previous material. 

You are encouraged to listen to the distance healing recordings as often as you'd like.  When reviewing sessions, you may pick and choose the recording you are most drawn to and access those. The correct answer is whatever feels right for you at the time. You will know what you are in most need of if you pay attention to what you are most drawn to (this is true in other parts of your life as well).

Does this replace other kinds of treatments? 
These sessions are not meant to take the place of other forms of treatment. These sessions are meant to balance energy and increase vibration, not replace other forms of treatment. That being said, when you balance energy and increase vibration, you do tend to be healthier and feel better. If you have any concerns, please check with your health care practitioner.